Power Cable MGL-DFA10S-HSE

Power Cable MGL-DFA10S-HSE

  • High-grade AC Audio Power Cable
  • Magnesium Shield, Hyper-Saturated Energizer (HSE)
  • Dip-Forming Oxygen-Free Copper conductor (DF-OFC)
  • Pure Magnesium Filters for AC (PMF)
  • Schuko plug
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This power cable is the Schuko model of MGL-DFA10-HSE.

Legendary Features

The MGL-A1 has won numerous audio awards and gained favorable reputations. But now, the MGL-DFA10-HSE inherits all the basic structure of the long-selling model MGL-A1 and at the same time adopts the legendary conductor “Dip-Forming OFC (DP-OFC)”. The extra benefit is that the amount of information has been remarkably increased.

Higher Resolution, Quietness

The MGL-DFA10-HSE has more to give us. The culmination is an added extra feature. Two “Pure Magnesium Filters for AC (PMF)” are attached to IN and OUT this time to achieve higher resolution and quietness.