Power Cable MS-DF12A-HSE

Power Cable MS-DF12A-HSE

  • Magnesium Shield, Hyper-Saturated Energizer (HSE)
  • Oxygen-Free Copper conductor, Dip-Forming method (DF-OFC)
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Third generation Magnesium Shield.

Vivid Analog Sound

It is the power cable with Oxygen-Free Copper manufactured by the Dip-Forming method developed by GE of America for the conductor, and the latest third generation Magnesium Shield for the shield layer.

By using Oxygen-Free Copper (dielectric constant 101-102%) produced in the only Dip-Forming furnace in Japan, Tiglon achieved the creation of vivid analog sound that cannot be experienced with the latest conductors.

The connector is a high-cost performance model made of the same “OYAIDE 029 series custom product” as the higher model A1.