Line Cable TPL-2000R-HK (RCA)

Line Cable TPL-2000R-HK (RCA)

  • Super Clear Isolator, Advanced Magnesium Filter (AMF)
  • Magnesium Shield, Hyper-Saturated Energizer (HSE)
  • Dip-Forming Oxygen-Free Copper conductor (DF-OFC)
  • RCA connector, Cardas plug
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This line cable is a customized model of TPL-2000R.
Its plug is replaced with Cardas.


In 2019, it has won

  • the “Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2019 Grand Prix” and
  • the “MJ Technology of the Year Excellence Award”

Magnesium Shield

The dip-formed oxygen-free copper (DF-OFC), which is said to be a fantastic conductor, is coated with the world’s patented “Magnesium Shield”.

The outer jacket is tuned up with

  • a special outer tube used in the aviation industry
  • anti-static treatment and
  • Tiglon’s original technology “Hyper Saturated Energizer (HSE)”.

High Silence

What a wonderful feeling, faithful sound field and high silence to the limit. For the first time, in a cable they have been adopted

  • a special insulator, the “Super Clear Isolator”
  • and a patented technology, the “Advanced Magnesium Filter (AMF)”, that strongly suppresses both the cable’s horizontal and vertical vibrations.